VXQUE Art Agency


VXQUE Art Agency is providing an exclusive platform for creators, artists, and visionaries such as music production, art mediation , consultancy and much more.

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Founder and Owner


Art Agency

For me it’s also about investigating the meaning of Art, as well as the intend, the will of the individual to create a serious expression in a form of an artistic vision.

A global and international platform to meet and greet each other by free speech and expression. For Artist to unite through dialogue…

To form a creative practice in Art, expanding or narrowing our own vocabulary within.

I/we believe Art needs to be truthful, not factual to be emotional accessible, by embracing, scoping also the grotesque, the unknown as well as the beauty.

Art as a transformation from spirit to the material and as an initiator into the mysteries of life. Art is about being real present, paying close attention to the momentum. Art as a self-study, as a way to understand others.

Art as a time shifter and enlightenment. Art for so many reasons, but best because it is part of humanity…

“ I think that You have basically two choices in Art : either You are on the way of the Creator or You sell your soul to the devil…”

I mean it!