Metin T. Sönmez, born in 1963 in Istanbul and grew up between the ages 8-18 near Cologne, where he had his education at the Kaethe-Kollowitz-Gymnasium Wesseling.

Destined to Shipping, he lived very close to the river Rhine, where he had his first experience through one well equipped Provision Supply Ship, on which he worked in his free time.

After returning to Istanbul, been luckily introduced to the General Manager
of a renowned Shipping Agency, namely Mr. Ayhan Sungar (R.I.P.), from he learned the essence of this business.

Meanwhile working nearly 4 decades (over 39 years) in the local shipping industry, he founded Myconia UG in 2012 especially in Cologne, his beloved city, which is also the abbreviation to ” My Colonia “, with the intention to build a business bridge between Turkey and Germany.


Representing in connection with his person over many years well-known mostly German Owners, Charterers, Clubs, and Companies i.e. as follows :